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“Long term results come from within and investing in you is paramount to achieving business success”


At nicoleunderwood we offer a range of coaching programs tailored to your individual needs. We are experienced professionals with access to resources, networks and tools that enable us to facilitate your coaching program.   Coaching is an effective process to help you build a better business, develop a more confident you, to hone your communication and leadership skills, or to gain more control over your personal and working life. Everyone’s reason for taking on a coaching program is different and therefore achievements and gains will vary from person to person. Sometimes you have breakthroughs you weren’t even expecting!

How does coaching work?

As a ‘Coachee’, you will set the agenda for your one on one meeting with your Coach.  This agenda will ensure that your time is spent on the issues most important for you. This formality to the sessions ensures a clear agenda, as well as accountability.

As your Coach, our role is to actively listen, engage in broader discussions, share knowledge and experience and to keep you accountable to your broader goals and actions.

Put simply, we assist you in helping decide what needs your focus, what your options are and then support you to ensure you take the necessary action to own the outcomes.  Action is everything and we work with you to take the necessary steps forward so that you can reap the rewards.

Our coaching programs are designed for:

1.     Business Owners

When you have ultimate responsibility for a business, it can be lonely at the top.  Being able to discuss critical decisions with a business coach around strategy, operations, talent and growth helps remove the sense of isolation and can build confidence and clarity.

2.     Career Coaching & Development

At a crossroads? Wanting to change jobs or industry and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are about to re-enter the job market and want to ensure you are hitting the mark with your cover letter, resume or interview technique?

A career coaching session with one of our Consultants covers an initial market discussion and can include a resume review, cover letter feedback and coaching, interview role-play, advice on remuneration or discussion on industry sectors. The agenda is up to you!

3.     Executive Coaching

Working one on one with an experienced leader within a business, these sessions are designed to further improve leadership and communication skills.  There are many benefits for a leader to have an objective third-party coach, including being able to discuss issues in confidence, developing their leadership capabilities, being kept accountable to goals and performance as well as being able to bounce ideas off an expert confidant who understands what you are wanting to achieve.

4.     New Recruits

As part of our formal retention offering, these programs commence once nicoleunderwood pty ltd have sourced a new recruit on behalf of your organisation. Providing fortnightly coaching to assist with a positive onboarding experience, this is a highly recommended ingredient in the post placement of top talent into your organisation.  A 90-day commencement plan will involve one on one coaching with one of our Consultants.  The benefits for any newly placed professional to have an objective third-party coach include having an external expert to talk to that has a genuine interest in developing the confidence and performance of a new recruit.

5.     High Potentials & Middle Managers

Taking that next step in your leadership career can be exciting, but can also be filled with expectation, anticipation and pressure to perform. Our coaching programs help new leaders with this transition through reflection and self-awareness that will assist them in developing new skills to consistently be successful and inspiring leaders.


What our clients are saying:

“Nicole’s coaching style has made a dramatic difference to the way I approach my business and how I tackle problems. She takes the time and offers genuine feedback and insight. Nicole challenges me and holds me accountable, as well as demonstrating her excitement as I progress and succeed. I would certainly recommend Nicole to any business owner seeking support to greatly improve their business outcomes and professional wellbeing.”  – Founder & MD 


“As a business owner myself with a growing company I was in need of two key things 1) leadership coaching 2) mentoring to expand the business. Nicole was the first and only choice! Every time I finish a session with Nicole I have complete clarity of what I need to do and an action plan to get it done. The development has been quick and exact. I have been able to put my learning’s in to practice immediately and get immediate results. Her effervescent style coupled her with extensive experience; she is a joy to work with. She is non-judgemental and not controlling in her style. I would highly recommend Nicole.” – Founder & CEO


“After coaching, I had a better understanding of the SA market, a greater understanding of appropriate roles for my skill set, an increased confidence in what I have to offer to businesses, not only in SA but also in national roles and a much improved CV! I also learnt specific techniques to maximise contacts within businesses I am interested in offering my services to.  I would recommend career coaching with nicoleunderwood pty ltd as the service was professional and the information provided was knowledge-based and my needs fulfilled.” – Business Development Manager


“I would recommend Nicole as a coach for leaders in business.  I found her honesty a little confronting at first but in the end I looked forward to each session for exactly that reason!  I have noticed a big difference in my team and the way we work together” – Director of Operations


I would recommend Nicole as a coach because, though for most of the coaching program we talked about work-based issues, she was also focused on me personally and my thoughts, feelings and emotions during the time we had together.  Not only did this help to make the transition much easier for me, but it also made me feel as though I had someone to turn to if things did get tough.  Given how a new workplace can be a scary environment, this was invaluable.” Senior Engineer


“The greatest benefit I gained from coaching was developing my own problem solving skills and influencing skills. Coaching helped me to workshop some of the challenges I was facing at work and how to influence peers to improve these situations I was faced with. It was a great opportunity to have a sounding board – this helped to reduce emotion attached to change and think more logically about things. I felt over all it was a very positive experience and I would recommend Nicole as a Coach. I still use the skills and strategies I discussed in my coaching sessions today, they have helped with my day to day work life” – Senior Executive


“The most valuable aspects I have learnt over the 6 month program include communication skills, organisational skills, how not to be consumed by things that worry me, how to deliver big picture concepts and work life balance techniques .I strongly believe that coaching with Nicole has given me the confidence and belief in my ability and myself.  The sessions have kept me motivated during a time I was questioning whether I had made the right career choice in my new role. I will miss not having Nicole to talk to!– Marketing Manager


“My main aim was to get some professional feedback about my resume and some tips on job hunting, for example, writing a good job application letter and getting advice on job interviews. I definitely feel that my sessions with Shiona were incredibly useful in that respect. Ultimately, my main aim is to be employed as soon as possible. nicoleunderwood has definitely equipped me with some very useful tools to help me on my job hunting journey.” Candidate, Outplacement Program


“I was really pleased with the advice I was given regarding my resume – I added some more information to my already existing resume (as advised by the fabulous Shiona and Salli). With my revised resume, together with a decent application letter, I found that I began to have more success in obtaining job interviews.” Candidate, Outplacement Program


“Each time I left Shiona I felt ready to take on the world. Full of enthusiasm and energy. I hadn’t had those feelings for a long time.” Candidate, Outplacement Program

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