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Would you go to a cocktail party in your cycling gear? Would you go to a business networking event in your wedding dress? Would you attend a job interview with a glass of wine in your hand? I don’t think so. It begs the question then, why do we see… read more


“I hate my job”, “My boss is a control freak”, “I don’t feel valued”, “The moment I see my perfect job advertised, I’m out of here”…… The start of a new year can be an emotional time …. There has been the pressure of getting end of year work finished,… read more

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Last week my article “3 ways to nail a job interview” was published by Women’s Agenda. 24 hours later I received an email from a frustrated job seeker who after being made redundant is struggling with the rejection of job seeking.  She is finding it increasingly difficult to stay confident… read more

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